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oldka4.jpg (100552 bytes)  Auditorium shot from stage area in 1928.

oldka3.jpg (93539 bytes)  Picture of Promenade in 1928.

oldka1.jpg (88503 bytes)   Picture of customers purchasing tickets sometime in the 30's.

oldka2.jpg (76935 bytes) Picture of customers waiting in lobby sometime in the 30's.

oldka5.jpg (95558 bytes)  Early newspaper ad.

cleanup25.jpg (75631 bytes)  1920's Spotlight.

On February 24, 2001, one of the store fronts attached to the Keith Albee caught fire and caused smoke damage to the theatre.  The main auditorium had to be completely filled with scaffolding in order to clean the dome ceiling and walls.  The following pictures are of the cleanup process and gives you a chance to see the ornate plaster work up close.

cleanup1.jpg (72959 bytes)  Workers cleaning the left side of the proscenium.

cleanup2.jpg (97931 bytes)                                              .cleanup28.jpg (94916 bytes)

Picture of Angel left side proscenium.                 Same Picture after painted with gold leaf paint.

cleanup3.jpg (88910 bytes)  Workers cleaning top of proscenium area.

cleanup4.jpg (96846 bytes) After using a vacuum, workers used brushes and rags for cleaning.

cleanup5.jpg (88418 bytes)  Notice the workers using a brush and vacuum to remove the dirt.

cleanup6.jpg (96803 bytes)  Workers cleaning the Angel right center of proscenium.

cleanup8.jpg (84076 bytes)  Worker from Raintree Construction working hard to clean the small areas.

cleanup9.jpg (101678 bytes)  cleanup27.jpg (111955 bytes) Same Picture after painted with gold leaf paint.

Check out the worker on the bottom left using a tooth brush.

cleanup10.jpg (90423 bytes)  Close up of the Angel's Face.     

cleanup11.jpg (73750 bytes)  Ornate plaster work on top left of proscenium.  

cleanup12.jpg (102864 bytes)  Cherubic figure located on the left wall before balcony.

cleanup13.jpg (87756 bytes)  Some of the paint is coming off during the cleaning.

cleanup14.jpg (88914 bytes)  Picture from atop the scaffolding looking down on the stage.

cleanup15.jpg (89854 bytes)  Worker from Raintree cleaning the ornate plaster work.

cleanup16.jpg (103775 bytes)  More ornate plaster work located in the balcony.

cleanup17.jpg (59394 bytes)  Workers had to clean the dome ceiling located 90ft in the air.

cleanup18.jpg (72853 bytes)  Workers cleaning the side of the dome ceiling.

cleanup19.jpg (79797 bytes)  Workers cleaning the ornate plaster on the right side of the wall.

cleanup20.jpg (66961 bytes)

  Picture of the back wall of the balcony.

cleanup21.jpg (81784 bytes) cleanup30.jpg (81144 bytes)

Check out 2 of 7 stuffed birds perched on the side wall.

cleanup22.jpg (86390 bytes)  Picture of fake roof tiles used to simulate that you are sitting outside.

cleanup23.jpg (112362 bytes)  Picture taken from back of balcony toward stage showing scaffolding.                                                                                                       

cleanup24.jpg (103763 bytes)  Cherubic figure located on the bottom right of proscenium.

cleanup29.jpg (135377 bytes)  Located at the highest center point of proscenium.

cleanup31.jpg (100743 bytes)  Newly painted top of the proscenium.

cleanup26.jpg (114896 bytes)  Left top corner of proscenium freshly painted.

cleanup32.jpg (74666 bytes)  Looking from left to right at the top of proscenium.








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